Elena Kunnas


Elena Kunnas is an aspiring artist from Kouvola, Finland.

She has been living in Finland for almost 30 years,  she was born in Russia in St-Petersburg and still a child spent a lot of time wandering the Halls of the Hermitage and the State Russian Museum. The riches of these world-famous Museums couldn’t but imprint on Elena’s artistic insights.

Traveling around the world added new influences and experiences. Elena was greatly impressed by enduring appeal of the works of art she had contemplated but wouldn’t take up painting herself albeit felt like that.

Yet her imagination, intuition, subconscious feelings and thirst to share the emotions brought her finally to an Art School.

The promising artist hasn’t created a certain personal direction so far and she is trying her hand in different genres and techniques.

Elena has had a personal exhibition of her works this year in Kouvola.

The viewers were attracted by expressive and poetic application of light in her paintings.

Elena really manages to show and variety of shades of mood and relations in nature applying rich color and impasto brushstrokes.

Beholding Elena’s works you’re sure to be in for a wealth of Nature, Color, Fairy Tale…

Welcome to make sure yourselves…..